6 Important Features of 3D Pens

3D pen is an emerging technology. With a 3D pen, you can make a model of Eifel Tower and cars, for instance. In the market, you can find tons of 3D pens. Make sure you look for the following features before buying one. Read on.

1. Compatible surfaces

The functionality of these pens is simple. Instead of ink, they use plastic in order to “write”. Moreover, a good pen can be used on almost all types of surfaces. So, make sure you don’t buy one that works on a certain surface.

What sets a good pen apart from others is how it responses and how convenient it is to use.

2. Required temperatures

The performance of the pen will change based on the temperature of the environment where you are in. So, it’s a good idea to read the description and reviews of the performance of the pen in different temperatures. Understanding your work environment is also an important thing to do. In a hot environment, the pen won’t be able to give its best.

3. Timing of the plastic

Since these pens use the heat technology to work, make sure the substance inside the pen comes out without any interruption. Actually, the plastic can become sticky in immense heat and some colors may look slightly different. Also, it’s a good idea to read reviews on the pens on different websites prior to buying it.

4. Cooling Time

This technology makes use of the heat and the pen works only when heat is applied. Once the plastic inside the pen heats up, you can use the pen to draw or doodle. The pen should also cool down once the plastic in the shell heats up. The pen won’t be useable if the cooling time is too high. There should be enough gap between the heating up and cooling down of the 3D pen.

5. Clogging Issues

When the pen begins to cool down, the plastic may get stuck in the containers. And if the plastic becomes clogged again and again, you may have to replace it often after each use. And this will cost you a lot of money.

Actually, a quality 3D pen should have a solid clogging system that should prevent the plastic from getting clogged. Before you buy one, don’t forget to talk about the clogging issue. There should be no clogging problems especially if you are going to draw big models of different things, such as buildings and cars.

6. Warranty

Usually, the majority of manufactures offer a warranty. But the warranty conditions may be sort of tricky. You may find that some manufacturers will replace the product if you find a problem with it. Some will only get it repaired for you. So, depending upon your needs, you can go for a product that comes with the right warranty.

Long story short, 3D pens are quite interesting and can help everyone. But before you get one, make sure you consider the tips given in this article.

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